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Four of us are going to London for the first time. Do you have any suggestions about tour companies that we can use for day trips outside the city. Also, which places do you recommend we visit. We will be there for 4 days total and just want to go outside the city on two days. Also, restaurant suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Gladys.

Posted by Katy
London, UK
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If you are in London for the first time, and only for 4 days, I really wouldn't be looking at taking day trips out of London. There's so much to do in London that 4 days will not even scratch the surface. However, if you really must go out of London for a day look at the London Walks website for ideas - They do Explorer Days - ie day trips starting at various London rail stations. You don't give any idea of your interests so hard to make suggestions - but my personal favourite day trip from London is Winchester. With respect to restaurants where are you staying in London? A website I have recently found with restaurant details and reviews is, which shows restaurants in different areas.

Posted by gone
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hi, +1 for katy. i would spend all 4 days in London. But again, it would depend on what your likes are. happy trails.

Posted by Linda
Boulder, CO, USA
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If you must go outside of London on a trip, I recommend Stratford-upon-Avon. You can see Shakespeare's birthplace, Anne (wife) Hathaway's cottage, walk around the lovely town, and see a play by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It's a very full day and lots of traveling, but if you're up for it, then go for it. Otherwise, I really enjoyed Hampton Court Palace. It is a full day trip which you can easily spend seeing all the parts of the palace and the maze, but less time on the train. Have fun.

Posted by Elaine
Mission Viejo, Calif., USA
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We agree with the other comments. Four days in London is not enough time to plan on going outside of London. We have been there four years in a row. We spent two weeks each time and still haven't seen everything.

Posted by CL
Salem, Oregon, USA
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I agree that four days isn't enough just for London, but if you must get out of the city, check out some of the day trips offered by London Walks - they offer day trips to a wide variety of locations.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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As already suggested,I think you will find enough to fill your time without leaving town. But if you do want a change then there are many places to which you can easily organise your own visit without having to pay extra to a tour company - Windsor, Cambridge or Bath for example.

Posted by Suz
Denver, USA
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Londoners generally walk a lot more than Americans on a daily basis. Most of these suggestions - and I also endorse the London Walks Explorer Days - involve plenty of walking. If anyone in your group is not up to a lot of walking, then you could look at the day trips by coach (which is what they call intercity buses in the UK) from London. One reputable operator is Evan Evans Tours - You'll be guaranteed to spend a lot of time sitting in a bus getting out of London and back. It's not my idea of fun, but plenty of people have taken these day trips and found them worthwhile. I also agree with the comments above about why you'd want to leave London at all. I can't imagine being in London for the first time, for only four days, and spending two of those days sitting on a bus or even taking a train to other places. But,as they say, different strokes for different folks.