Plug converter?

I know it may be a silly question, but I know there are people who would take offense if you consider Ireland to be part of Britain. So do I get the converter for my electronics that is for the UK or for the Continent for my trip to Ireland? I leave in 22 days and I'm cutting it close. Thanks for your help

Posted by Ed
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For the RoI, you use what most people call the British adapter.

Posted by gone
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hi, its not silly question. just an fyi, there are all in 1 adapters out there. i p/u one from one of the travel shops in the airport. They are about the size of a large egg and have all of the plugs you will need. some have a powered usb port too. happy trails.

Posted by Nancy
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As Ed says, the one you use in Ireland is the same as in the UK.

Posted by Ken
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Pam, BE SURE to check EACH electrical / electronic item that you're travelling with to ensure that it's designed for operation on 220 VAC electrical systems. Look for a label on either the charger or the device which states the "Input Voltage" ratings. If these state "Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz", then all you'll need is Plug Adaptors. With 22 days to go until your trip, you could still order Plug Adaptors from and have them delivered by UPS or other courier. The "all-in-one" Plug Adaptors tend to be a bit pricey, so I'd suggest just using the cheap $4 types that you'll see on the Magellans website (but pack at least two, as they're easy to misplace). Cheers!