Posted by Terry kathryn
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If he was supposed to be funny... I thought he was an annoying whiner who should just go to vegas or somewhere (nothing against vegas) He can then have his American comforts and pretend he's someplace else..

Posted by Ceidleh
Boston, MA, United States
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I don't see how he could title his article "most annoying things about Ireland", none of his gripes had anything much to do with Ireland. He just came across as a wanker who complains about slow service, high prices and transportation. That kind of stuff happens here in the U.S., too, so I don't understand why he doesn't write an article about waiting a long time to be served at some busy chain restaurant near a mall (try to get into Cheesecake Factory on a Saturday afternoon for lunch without waiting at least an hour for the table and close to an hour for your food to arrive). Overpriced tiny drinks? Has he never bought a $5 12 oz. bottle of water at the movie theater? Narrow roads, confusing street signs and people driving up his arse? Guess he's never driven in Boston. DART is a "mystery tour" simply because he can't find out in advance how much to pay for the fare? He needs to take an older subway in NYC during rush hour that still has the conductor calling out station stops, line changes and delays over an antiquated P.A. system that no one can understand. Foreign accents in hotels? Ummmm, it's a hotel. If you want to meet locals, they don't hang around the hotels. In large cities (whether it's Dublin or Chicago), service industries, like restaurants and hotels, tend to pay low wages and a lot of locals don't want to accept low wages, so you end up with foreigners who are willing to work hard for much less.

Posted by Maureen
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I've got to disagree with what he said about the bus drivers, too. We've found most of them to be very friendly. On our first trip over, the driver on our first bus even stopped directly in front of our B&B, although there wasn't technically a stop there, just so we wouldn't get lost on the half-block walk there from the regular stop. And when we've gotten on buses asking where to get off for various sights, the drivers have always been happy to do so.

Posted by Kris
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I think he was trying to be funny (since he ends it by saying he loved Ireland), but missed the mark by a long shot. Some of these are actually things I quite admire about Europe in general! I think the signage is generally pretty good... there are alot of arrows, but they're pointing to pretty much any big town or city you might be looking for. The hotel light switch thing did make me laugh, only because I've been baffled by how to turn on a TV many times. But I think it's more about conserving energy than it is annoying tourists!

Posted by Edwin
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Disagree since rude tourist (ugly _______) didn't make the top 10! Edwin

Posted by Kira
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Ceidleh's response was right on! Unless maybe it was an April Fool's Day post?