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10 Days in UK

My husband and I will be traveling to London in mid-May. We only have 10 days. We are considering a side trip to Dublin or Edinburgh for 3-4 days. Any advice for which to choose? Other suggestions?

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Edinburgh is wonderful - feels very historic and like a small city after being in London. I have not been to Dublin, but suspect it's more big city. Edinburgh doesn't have that feel - the core is very walkable and really a lot of fun.
Other options are the Cotswolds for a few days or York. Be sure to take the Original Walking Tours in London - they are wonderful, and not too expensive even with the exchange rate. When we were in York (7 years ago), there were great free walking tours. Cotswolds has through the fields walking paths - you can walk from town to town and taxi back. It's a wonderful break from the big cities.

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Scotland wins hands down! I'd take the train from London Kings Cross to York. It's about 3 hours. Spend the afternoon exploring York- cool town. Stay at the Royal York Hotel... it's right next to the station. Then take the train to Edinburgh. Either stay there or contintue on to Inverness. Lots to do in either place. Then train back to London- go straight or break it up again in York or another town such as Stratford upon Avon.

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I'm Irish obsessed so I would vote Dublin and skip most of London. :) But I say this having been to London a half dozen times and I don't need to spend a great deal of time there on any given trip now. Dublin is easy and inexpensive to get to with Virgin Value fares combining rail and ferry from London (Check Virgin Trains website, look at special deals). It's also inexpensive to fly to Dublin if planned ahead, but airport headaches are not fun. I have personally spent a little over a week between London and Edinburgh, and intended to do York as well (I fell in love with Edinburgh and skipped York) so that's completely workable too.

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My vote would be for Edinburgh. Dublin is not more of a big city but Edinburgh is more beautiful and more things to see - just a more interesting city in my view. I do love Ireland and will give Dublin another try sometime (hopefully in better weather) but we much preferred Edinburgh. The Scots are also friendlier - generally speaking - or at least that is what we found.

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I haven't been to Dublin but my husband and I just spent 3 days in the Edinburgh area last month. Because we had a rental car we stayed outside the city and took the train from Linlithgow into Edinburgh. The people were very friendly, the cab driver was very nice and told us a little about the area we were driving through and the food we had at the Castle was very good. There were plenty of shops along the Royal Mile, several other museums and things to see along the Royal Mile and of course Holyrood House at the end of it. We probably spent about 4 hours at Edinburgh Castle and missed a few things. If you want to take a side trip from Edinburgh, I would suggest going to Linlithgow and seeing the Palace there. It's where Mary, Queen of Scots was born and many other monarchs lived. The castle is now in ruins but you can still explore a lot of it, including the top of a tower or two. Its a great town too. Email me with any questions ([email protected])

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I have visited Ireland once and Scotland 3X.
No question Edinburgh, Dublin is a one day visit. But why not stay and see more of area around or out of London and save Scotland for a well worth much longer visit later? It would be a much better use of time and sightseeing as getting to Edinb. takes a days travel time and lots of GBP.The top sights are many nr London, Cotswolds, Bath, Stratford on Avon,Windsor ck Ricks bk and you will see what I mean.

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Settle -Carlise railway, through the Yorkshire Dales, West Highland railway up to Fort William.

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I am myself Scottish, I do like Ireland very much, however, Edinburgh has much to offer. There is a quaint street right behind Princess Street, which has many outdoor cafes, pubs and boutique style shopping. Visit the Castle and walk down the royal mile the shops and buildings are very interesting.Take the open bus tour and Enjoy...

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Joy, Edinburgh, no question. A word of warning. If you stop in York you might not want to leave.