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10 days in Scotland

We are spending 10 days in Scotland and would like to have no more than 2 or possibly 3 cities to be home base. With such a short trip, I would like suggestions on the best way to break up the travel zonex. our interests: castles, Whisky, golf. Thanks

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Oh are you gonna have fun!!! Here's what I'd suggest- Edinburgh 3 days (only because of the golf- that will take a day- try to get a tee time ahead of the trip). Train to Aviemore 2 days. Do the funciuclar up Mt. Caringorm, steam train, and some whisky distilleries (can be done by bus,train or local taxi or tour companies- check out Heavenly Highlands and others) and maybe the local microbrewery. Train to Inverness 4 days. Do day trips. Clava Cairnes and Cullodean battlefield, Elliean Donnan Castle and Isle of Skye, curise up Loch Ness to see Urquart castle, possibly to Orkney, maybe more distillery tours or have a barman in a pub arrange a whisky tasting for you (they'll give you several differnty ones and teach you all about them).


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I agree with Toni that Edinburgh should be one of you stops. If you're going to try and play one of the local courses, you'll need the three days. What you do next depends on whether or not you're renting a car or taking the train. Both will work, but if you want to get to St. Andrews, the car might be easier. St. Andrews is a bit out of the way, but it is certainly the Mecca for golf. If you want to play St. Andrews I think that Perth might work as a second stop. You can check out both Scone Palace and Glamis Castle. I think it would be better than Dundee, but maybe someone who has golfed would have better suggestions. Also, I would continue on up to Inverness. A day trip to Dornoch and that golf course is not a bad trip. You can also see Dunrobin Castle and all the other lovely sights that Toni mentioned.

As for the Whisky, Glen Morangie Distillery is on the way to Dornoch.


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If you are planning on playing golf you will need to get a card from your home course with your handicap printed on it, this card has to be from the course. If you don't have a card you will not be permitted to play, especially at St. Andrews. To get to St. Andrews from Edinburgh take the train to Leuchars, then you will have a 10 minute taxi ride into St. Andrews.

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While we were in Inverness we stayed at Wonderful hosts. 10 minutes to downtown, grocery store and laundry. While there, we went to Johnny Fox pub. Wonderful music each night. Food was ok, it is a pub. When there for the music, sit to the right of the fireplace and you will have a good view of the dance floor. Show starts at 10 ish and lasts ??? til wee in the morning. Check the smoking regulations and midnight rules.

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I found this string while searching through Rick's website, so rather than starting a new string, I thought that I would post my question here.

I have to go to the UK for about 10 days, which means that I will be there over a weekend. I've been to many of the more commonly visited cities in both England and Scotland, but I've never done one of the things that I have always wanted to do. That is, go to Scotland and visit a bunch of Scotch whisky distilleries. Just looking at a map showing the location of the distilleries, it appears that Inverness may be a good place to use as a base camp. I've been to Glasgow and Edinburgh a number of times, but I've never been to Inverness.

I'm looking for any advice that I can get on the best way to go about this. Is there a tour that I can sign up for that would take us to some of the major distilleries, or should I hire a taxi for the day? I prefer not to drive since I'll be visiting distilleries! Should I make advance reservations for the tour? And if I can get the names of a few B&B's, that would be great as well.

Thank you all in advance for your help.