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10 days in Norway

Me and my boyfriend will be travelling to Norway after an extensive trip in Scotland.
We will only have 10 days, and are wondering what cities we shouldn't miss. All the guidebooks say different things!
Also, any ideas on a reasonable daily budget? We are going to be backpacking, staying in hostels and buying food at the grocery stores.

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GOOD LUCK!! Seriously, we've been planning our 21 day Scandinavian (Denmark, Stockholm, & Norway) trip for almost a year and EVERYTHING is sooo expensive! Hope you get some responses on how to do Norway inexpensively for 10 days. The only good deal, so far, seems to be the purchase of a ScanrailSaver Pass. We normally travel by car but this trip we'll be doing the train and it is quite a savings. I'd also love to know how to save a few bucks or Krona's!

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Thanks for the reply. I hadn't looked at rail passes, they seem like quite a good deal.
It doesn't have to be super cheap, just as reasonable as possible when we're talkin' Norway.
And we've decided we want to see oslo, bergen (and surrounding fjords) and trondheim (has to be near the end, as we are going to see a soccer game there).
This sound reasonable?

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Hi Ava,

That sounds reasonable to me. I'd suggest at least 3 days in Oslo, 1 to 2 days for the fjords (perhaps Norway in a Nutshell) staying in Flam , Aurland, or Balestrand, 2 days in Bergen. I haven't been to Trondheim so I don't know what a good stay would be. Norway is amazing- have fun!