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10 days in Ireland & Great Britian

I am traveling with my 25 yr old son for 10 days to Ireland & Great Britian. Flying into Dublin, leaving from London. I need suggestions on top spots and transportation to those top spots. This has been on my Bucket List and I want to make the very most of our time there. thanks

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Terri Anne,
Give us an idea why these places are on your Bucket List. What about them appeals to you? I could spend ten days just in London, but without a sense of why you are going there no one can guess what would appeal to you. For what it's worth, I think ten days should be spent in either the Republic of Ireland or in Great Britain (and probably just England), but not both. You'll be spending all your time moving place to place and not really see anything at all.

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On my bucket list because I have always wanted to visit GB with my son. He is a teacher in Spain and is meeting me there. It was his idea to visit Ireland. Love site seeing, museums and most touristy spots. I have never been to Scotland, however I may be tring to do too much. Is is unreasonable to get anything out of staying 3 nights in Dublin, Edinburgh or Glascow and London? And is Britrail the best way to get around?

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I'm planning a similar 2 week trip to Ireland and London: Flying into and spending 2 nights in Dublin Driving to Kenmare 1 week in house there tour Dingle peninsula, ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle and other sights in southwest. Flying to London from Cork airport, spending 5 nights in London - including visit to Bath & Stonehenge & visiting museums that I have not seen before - fly home from there. I think for Ireland a good guidebook is essential and also for London, since there is so much to do there.

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If I were trying to get the most out of it: 2/3 nights in Dublin- one day for Dublin, 2 for the countryside. Edinburgh 2 nights- the rest in London- including a lot of day trips to surrounding towns. That could be modified by taking train from Edinburgh to London, stopping for two nights in York. Depends what you want to see - do you want more days in Irish villages (by car), Cotswolds (definitely by car), Svotland (a lot more rugged than either ireland or England). Possibly fly dublin to scotland, and train down to London. Skip Glasgow, it is an industrial city (by comparison) The problem is deciding. You could drop me anywhere in England and I could happily spend 14 days within a 20 mile circle