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10 days in England

My wife and I are from San Francisco and are planning 14 day trip this September and would like to see all the major museums and sights in London (first time). Is six nights too much for London and can you recommend a better itinerary? Our plan is 2 nights in Bath with, then 2 nights in York, and 6 nights in London, then end our trip in Paris. We are in our early 50's and plan to take the bus or train. Thank you!

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If you have 6 nights (days?) to devote to just London and want to see all the major sights and museums, I do not think you are allowing too much time. Even with what some might think of as a generous amount of time, you need to do your reasearch and prioritize. I'm guessing your 14 day timetable only encludes England?

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Yes six days is enough for London itself. Math doesn't add up though, I only count 10 days. Does that mean you only allow 4 days for Paris? Are you flying home from Paris? Where do you plan to start trip, London itself or from airport right to Bath or York? I loved Bath but thought 2 days was more than enough. We had a car so did some touring so only spent one day in Bath which was enough. When in London, you can take half day trip to Windsor. Give us more details please.

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I think that 6 days in London will be sufficient. I've been there many times and I've still not seen everything. BUT, you'll get a good feel for everything, I think. Hope you have so much fun!

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Six nights is not too much. I once lived in London for an entire summer and was sorry to leave. But I am not sure with your itinerary that you can do it. As you have it far as I can tell from your message you will arrive in London on Day 1. That same day to Bath (Night 1). Bath Day 2 and night 2. Then travel to York, which you can do without returning to London by going west to Bristol, then cross-country direct to York, about a 4 hour trip from Bristol. Or you can do 90 min back to London, change to Kings Cross and then 2 hours to York. York arrival late on Day 3 and York night 3. Then York Day and Night 4. Then train to London, Day 5 and Night 5 in London. Days and Nights 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 London. Then Day 11 Eurostar to Paris and night 11 in Paris. Days and nights 12 & 13 in Paris. Day 14 fly home from Paris. That isn't much time in Paris given the added expense of Eurostar and a return flight from Paris rather than from London. Still, if you have already been to Paris, this might be ok. I might tweak your itinerary this way: Day 1 arr London. Day 2 London. Day 3 Bath overnight. Day 4 return afternoon to London. Day 5 London. Day 6 to York via fast train & overnight. Day 7 Return late afternoon to London & overnight. Day 8 London. Day 9 to home from Paris Day 14.

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However you arrange your travel, six days in London is not too much. Two says in Bath and two days in York also sounds fine. Try to stay in or near the city center in both. Will save time and walking. In York, that means within or just outside the Roman walls.

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You can see all of the top sights of Bath in 1 day. York 2 full days is good. London, even 6 days is not enough. But I would suggest that you use the second day from Bath to see Salisbury and Stonehenge. That will take a full day. One of my early visits we visited Salisbury, and then train via London to York. Then you can do London more or less at your leisure after York. Minimizes time and transfers between trains and hotels

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Bath is lovely - 2 nights is fine. York is also lovely - again, 2 nights is fine. (This assumes hitting tourist highlights, soaking in the atmosphere, then getting out.) A lifetime in London is not enough! That being said, you will still be able to see quite a bit in 6 mights. It is most definitely NOT "too much." London is such an amazing city - you will not be disappointed! That leaves - 4 nights in Paris? Or is one night travel/airport run? If you are taking buses in between cities, that adds time. Trains are generally faster, and these days, almost as cheap, I believe. I am almost your age (45) and remember fondly the days of fast, cheap, reliable bus service between quite small towns in the British Isles. Those days, alas, are past. So I would elect to take the train in between cities in the UK. You don't mention how you propose to travel from London to Paris. The Chunnel is delightful - tho' pricey - and I would recommend it if you can splash out.