1.5 days in London, please critique and/or suggest:

Second time in London. First leg of trip and I was not planning to stay in London many days but since I found a good flight there, might as well stay for a short visit. Day 1: (Monday) Arrive 11:00 am at Heathrow. Check in hotel before 2:00 pm Premier Inn Southwark or County Hall (have not made up my mind yet)
Drop bags and go to Trafalgar Square starting point and then walk towards Westmister. Tour Westmister Abbey and attend evesong at 17:00 hrs.. then head back to hotel and take pictures with sunset of Big Ben and House of Commons. Hotel rest and if not to tired head back on tube to Picadilly for night watching people. Day 2: Morning Beatles Walk (tuesday), lunch somewhere and British Museum afternoon. What else can I do??? Day 3: Early go to see maybe Change of Guards but not in front of Buckingham ( I saw it there last time and was very crowded). Perhaps I could see if from the place where the marching Brigade starts and follow along the way. Then Go back hotel check out and head to Take Eurostar train to Paris. Note: First time I already went to London I already saw St. Paul Cathedral, Tate Museum, Tower of London, London Eye. I walked Westmister but last time I did not go inside the Abbey. I went to Picadilly, Soho and Harrod's. Looking for new ideas. thanks

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Alternates to the Buckingham palace change, while still in the same area, are: St James palace- a small contingent breaks away from the BP gurad and goes to St james (so the timing is the same). Advantage is that at St James there are no crowds, and nothing between you and the guards. This is where you can stand next to one of the gurads and have your photo taken. (You could possibly combine this with your idea of following them from barrackes) But the best is Horse guards- they are in shiny metal and plumed uniforms and of course, mounted on horses. Verey scenic. Some Saturdays they also have a mounted band playing

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Horseguards is a good show... Be sure to get to St Pancras with plenty of time - if you're not checked-in at a minimum of of 30 minutes prior to departure you won't go ... Sounds like a fun 3 days...