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1-2 days in Scotland from Belfast

My husband and I will be in Belfast for 7 days and thinking about taking the ferry to Scotland for a day or two. Any suggestions? Is it worth it? If so, where should we go and can we do it without a car?

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I love Scotland, but I think if I had only 7 days in Belfast, I would explore the Irish countryside and save Scotland for another trip. That said, while I've not traveled in the Dumfries and Galloway on any of my many trips I would like to. The borders area of Scotland is an interesting area. It's hard to visit without a car. You could also connect up to Glasgow and Edinburgh from the Ferry. This would give you a tiny taste of Scotland, but it would be like having a sip of whisky and then not being allowed to finish your dram. ; ) Check undiscovered scotland online and Pam

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Thanks so much Pamela! I appreciate the advice.

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Why not take a cheap flight to Scotland?

55 minute flight to Edinburgh from Belfast. Having said that, 2 days would not even begin to do justice to Scotland. Spend your 7 days in Belfast and Northern Ireland.