zagreb to sofia via Belgrade by train

2 schedules/day. Any preference whether we do overnite section from Zagreb to Belgrade or Belgrade to Sofia whether safety or scenery or quality of train? Zagreb to Belgrade overnite gets us into Belgrade about 7am with abt 1:15 layover then into Sofia after 5pm....daytime Zagreb to Belgrade we arrive abt 5pm with 4hryou layover then into Sofia abt 7am

Posted by Arnold
Denver, CO, USA
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My preference would be to avoid the train on such a long journey. I'm assuming you are set in hitting these two distant cities on this trip. In general, I like to string together places that are close by. My rule of thumb is not to exceed a journey of 6 hrs. If I had to travel such a long way I would look to fly - are there any cheap options for flying? Also consider buying a roundtrip air and only use one way (I have found that the major carriers one way fares can be exorbitant while the RT is manageable). Sorry that I haven't provided any sort of answer to your query.

Posted by Eileen
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Thank you for your reply. I agree that air would be faster, better...except the low-cost route was only running in July/Aug and we want this trip mid May thru early June 2012 (Easy Jet from Split to Rome) then Wizz Air goes Rome to Sofia....that was the closest route I found without going thru Germany (Lufthansa) first. I will look into R/T as you suggest though...the next O/W available was 2.5 to 3 times higher than Easy Jet.....
Our original intent was Dalmatian coast (9 nites), then Sofia, Bulgaria eastward to Black Sea(total 7-8 nites) and fly out of Burgas on the coast flying straight to Dublin to finish up in NW Ireland before home to San Diego...