Zagreb-Plitvice-Laje Bled-Lubijana in June

I'm flying home from Zagreb and would like to include these places. How can I do it? I will not have a car. I will be coming from Split.

Posted by Paul
Sioux Falls, SD, USA
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Last summer, we did Vienna-Budapest-Zagreb-Plitvice-Split-Ljubljana-Salzburg-Vienna. We used a car. I do not know the buses, but with a car it's easy, very easy. Split to PL is a 3-4 drive on the superhighway, with a 2 hr drive on a 2-lane mountain road. PL to Zagreb is 2-3 hr drive on mountain road-superhighway. You can probably get a bus, but if you are 3 or more, a car is cost-effective.

Posted by Sandi
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I'm traveling alone and do not want to drive. I think I've found an overnite train from Split to Ljubijana. I'm hoping this is correct and then I will take a side trip to Lake Bled and then back to Ljubijana to Plitvice and then to Zagreb.
I hope this will work.