Zagreb or Ljubljana?

I am considering going by rail from Budapest to Venice, and am interested in breaking up the journey. Which city is better for one night, Zagreb or Ljubljana, or is there a different place that is more worth stopping in?

Thank you in advance.

Posted by Arnold
Denver, CO, USA
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If you look at the map, Zagreb is out of the way if traveling to Venice. Hence, it will have to be Ljubljana. Do check out the transport connections to Venice as there don't seem to be great train connections.

Posted by Sharon
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I'm a big fan of Ljubljana and spent 4 nights there a couple of years ago (arriving from Budapest by train.) I was in Zagreb for a short time--arriving by train to catch a flight. My vote would be for Ljubljana but it probably depends on what's most convenient en-route to Venice.

Posted by Chris
Puyallup, WA, USA
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I'm a big fan of Ljubljana, SL. Also of the cave district just south of it. Thurs night in Lju is a great time to be out and about (late shopping night) everyone comes out on the promenade. Google: Postojna, Predjama, and Skocjan to check out the caves.

Posted by SL
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Thank you everyone. I appreciate the help you have provided me.

Posted by Karin
Seattle, WA
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Ljublana! We spent 4 days there a few year back and loved it. I still think about that city and how charming it was. I would love to go back. We passed through Zagreb but only for transportation connections.

Posted by Holly and Todd
Sacramento, CA, USA
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I see we are in the minority here, but we loved Zagreb. We were in Zagreb for one day and wish we had stayed longer. We spent one night in Ljubljana and two in Lake Bled. If we were to take this trip again, we would stay in Zagreb instead of Ljubljana. It is actually quite convenient to take the train to Venice from Zagreb. We took the night train.

Posted by pam
edmonton, canada
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I'd go to Ljubljana...I'm also a big fan, have been twice and hope to go back. I would stay more than 1 night though.