We will be arriving in Zagreb by plane from Frankfurt on June 19th. I have RS Croatia Guide Book and on Page 59 he gives suggestions for getting from the airport to city center. One is the shuttle bus which we have taken in from other airports in other countries. He also mentions that we might just want to take a taxi straight to our hotel since we have never been there before. However, he warns of "crooked cabbies" that might charge way too much money for the ride. When he talks about getting around town he describes "taxis" but again warns of "beware of corrupt cabbies". Does anyone have first hand, semi-recent experience in getting from the Zagreb airport into city center? All advice and any suggestions would be most appreciated. When we leave Zagreb, we will be taking the train to Ljubljana
to start a RS Adriatic Tour. His guide book says that there are 7/day and it takes 2.5 hours. Do I need to make train reservations ahead of time or just show up at the station?

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We stayed in Zagreb two years ago and took the shuttle from the airport to the train station. Very convenient. My plan was to then take a taxi to our hotel located about one kilometer away. I don't recall the quoted rate, but it was well beyond reasonable at a time we were dog tired after a long journey from the U.S. and willing to pay a very high fare. Instead, we hopped a tram right in front of the train station and it took us almost to the front door of the hotel. Slick. We had an early departure from Zagreb on the train to Ljubljana and the hotel arranged a taxi at a fair fare. We bought train tickets just before boarding. No problem. Zagreb was very nice.

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In general you only want to get cabs that are market with a company name painted on the side and cabs that are in what appears to be the appropriate and permitted taxi line. Avoid the guys that approach you inside or just outside of the airports and train stations. Best advice might be to check out the official airport website to see what information they have published and Google research to get some reputable cab company names and numbers in advance.

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Hi Charlie, I was just in Zagreb and Ljubljana two weeks ago. Although we did not arrive in Zagreb by plane, I think you will be fine using the taxi personnel at the airport. We needed taxis several times while in Zagreb and always had out hotel call for them and everything seemed on the up and up, including the price. Where we did run into some problem with pricing was in Lju. Since we were a large group, eight of us, we always needed two taxis. Several times the taxis charged different amounts, even when they were from the same company and obviously picking up and taking us to the same place. This was irritating but not devastating as the amounts were usually off by a few euros. As for the train tickets, we bought our tickets to Lju. a couple of days ahead of time just to save time the morning we wanted to leave and because we had to buy so many. I would suggest that if you know the time you want to leave you might want to buy them early as some times seem more popular than others and the trains could be crowded then. Have fun, we loved both cities

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I was in Zagreb last month. We arrived on BA from London and took the shuttle from the airport to the bus station in Zagreb. We were talking (not paying close attention) but I would say it was at least a 20 minute drive. The cost was 30 Kaunas for the shuttle bus. Then we took a taxi from the train station to our hotel. I agree that you should always use a marked taxi with a meter turned on. We found some very nice drivers but also a couple of snarly ones too. Once you are in the city you can walk or take the tram.

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Thank you everyone for your input in helping us with our planning prior to taking RS Adriatic tour.