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Your vote counts! Greece in Dec 2007?

Hi Everyone

We've now narrowed down our trip in early Dec 07 to Greece. Been reading up on this but really wanted to get some real 'live' feedback from the experts. We want to visit Athens and Santorini in early dec 07 and are not worried about the cold. Dont intend to be swimming but am thinking of Santorini more for the views. Only problem that worries is the short daylight hours. Do you think the short daylight will be a problem to getting a good itinerary in for this trip? It is still worthwhile to go? Lastly, could you suggest another location to pair with athens & santorini (am looking for great sights, some good shopping, good food). Thks everyone for your vote. Look forward to hearing your views.

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The shorter hours should not be a great issue, just plan your pace a little slower, doing sites by day and enjoying the evening in a Taverna. In regards to Santorini, consider flying as opposed to the ferry, ferries in the winter months can be disrupted by weather, planes usually not. Also check to make sure your hotel of choice on Santorini is open, and that there are enough restaurants and other things open during that time. Santorini has a little more of a winter population than some, but check. As for other options, The Peloponnese and Crete are good off season destinations.

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Sharon you don't say how long you have for your trip; it helps us "old Greece hands" give better advice when we have the needed info.

Santorini is about the only CYcladic island still with some tourism in Dec, but don't stay in Oia, it will be virtually closed down -- stay in the heart of Fira town in order to find restaurants & a few shops.

Athens will be your best place for shopping, and of course sightseeing will be a breeze with no crowds. Take a rain-jacket w. hood and you'll be fine.

If you have more than a week, how about Nafplio?? It is a World Heritage city on bay of Argos, only 2.5 hours from Athens on express bus but a world away -- it's the preferred weekend getaway for savvy Athenians, and has a cosmopolitan year-round population, thus year-round good restaurants & good shopping. PLUS 3 castles (fortresses), lots of history, beautiful marble-paved central square, and terrific golden-stone Venetian architecture! I've been there 4 times and still want to go back.