working in greece

does anyone know what the best island would be to work in greece? i will be there from end of august till the 24th of sept. i heard that for most islands the season is done in september. i'm willing to go to crete. back home i am a bar manager, but am willing to do any labour, or restaurant job. if anyone knows of any good place to check out, good place to base out of, any tips, etc. please let me know! thanks!

Posted by Al
Nottingham, UK
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Unless you have a work visa and not a tourist visa, what you are proposing is illegal. I have no reason to suspect you would propose anything illegal so I'm going to take it as read you have a work visa.

Effectively you are looking for one months work on an island. I doubt that you will have time to register for tax, but then again most Greek islanders don't give a fig for the taxman. Cash-in-hand work is more the rule than the exception on most islands.

If you're young and into the night life head for Corfu and when you're there go to Kavos. If a girl can't get bar work in Kavos, she can't get work anywhere, but beware - Kavos is full of sharks.

Mykanos is also a good place to get some short term work, your best bet is to try waitressing in the restaurants or bar work.

Alos remember that to in order to be of any use to any bar or restaurant you will need to speak at least good Greek and good German as well as English.

Posted by Chelsey
vancouver, BC, Canada
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is it really necessary to speak greek on the really touristy islands? i have met quite a few waitresses and bar staff that dont speak any other language besides english... i speak french, english a bit of italian and spanish. so is german and greek that important?

Posted by Al
Nottingham, UK
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You can always get lucky.

But there are as many Germans on the Greek Islands as English speakers and there are also plenty of Dutch. Now the Dutch are never a problem, they all speak better English that most of the English. The Germans, however and quite rightly, will usually order in German and expect to be served in German. Another thing is that, put frankly, the German tourists behave better than the English and tip better as well - the same goes for the Dutch.

Of course all the conversation that goes on behind the scenes in any Greek owned bar or restaurant is done in Greek.

Another thing, and I really hate to say this, the UK foriegn and Commonwealth office reports that they have a larger persentage of rapes to English female tourists on Greece than any other European destination. I am aware you are from another part of the Commonwealth but please be aware of that fact.

Posted by Deb
Chilliwack, B.C., Canada
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I think that you will be able to find work in a bar called Zorbas in Alberta...Or maybe you could just find a bar with the same name in Santorini...Good luck!