work visa.

if i get a working holiday visa for the uk do other countries see this as enough to work in their country?

Posted by Karen
Fort Wayne, IN, USA
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Patrick, I get the sense from a few of your posts that you have an idea that you'll just get to Europe and work when you need some cash. Sorry, but those days are over. Immigration and income are just too closely tracked.

As a business owner, I sometimes get approached by people who want to be paid under the table. If (just IF)I had extra money that was not being accounted for, WHY would I give it to someone else?? Especially when there are many others willing to work with documentation?

I'm sorry to get off the subject a bit. I just want you to know early that you can't just wait tables in Prague for a few weeks and move on to Budapest. Make more money now or scale back your trip. I say that with good wishes to you.

Posted by Peter
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Nope. A UK Working Holiday visa is only valid in the UK.

Posted by Patrick
Sydney, Nova Scoti, Canada
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how difficult is it to get jobs that pay under the table no papers required in uk and in other countries?

Posted by Bea
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UK is not in the EU, so an UK work visa will not help in other countries.
The best way to find out about working under the table is to ask locals.
Check out the following 2 web sites:
Both are free .

However I perfectly agree with Karen.
Good luck!

Posted by Peter
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Bea, the UK is very much in the EU. But you are correct about the visa not being valid in other EU countries.

Currently there is no EU wide work visa for non-EU nationals - there is talk of introducing one but it will not be any time soon (if ever.) Each country is in charge of it's own immigration (with the exception that EU citizens have freedom of movement/work) which means they can only issue work visas for themselves. So a UK work visa is only valid in the UK, a Frech work visa in France etc.