Woman alone in Turkey

Any advice including getting a visa would be appreciated. I am planning a last minute trip to Istanbul and am starting from scratch!
JP in Seattle

Posted by Bea
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I wasn't aware that US citizens need a visa for Turkey, but the best place to check is the their Embassy in the US.

Posted by Arnold
Denver, CO, USA
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I am going there next month. From my research, if holding a US passport you buy the visa at the airport - valid for 3 months (I believe) and cost is either $20 or 15 euros.

You need to buy the visa before you get to the immigration line. I'm not sure that the embassy will even issue a visa here in the US.

Posted by Ricky
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I am from Turkey and I had many American guests in the past (They came last year and they are also visiting this summer as well). So this information is reliable. You can get your visa at the airport in Istanbul with no problem. It costs a little bit over 20 USD.

Posted by JER
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Just to the left of the passport control desk there is a desk at which you pay for your visa, and they will put a visa stamp in your passport. You must use either pounds, euros, or dollars to pay for it, so be sure to bring some foreign currency.

Posted by Jana
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Thanks everyone for the advice on obtaining a visa. Any other suggestions on traveling solo or meeting up with other travelers while I am there? I am flying into Istanbul and traveling down the coast to Kaz.
Thanks! JP in Seattle

Posted by Erin
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HI Jana
My husband and I visited Turkey in 2005. The Visa's are $20 and you need to pay with US currency. No need to apply in advance, but we downloaded the visa application and brought it with us. I can't remember if they needed it there. I just remember that it was relatively low-hassle. See what the US state department says about it at http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1046.html