Wizz Airlines

I am planning to travel from Rome to Prague in October. I am looking for someone who has experience with Wizz Airlines. Thanks.
Joseph Colbourn

Posted by Penny
Tulsa, OK
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I flew Wizz Air round trip Krakow/Rome in early spring of 2005. In the off seasons they have amazing rates. I paid the equivalent of $100 round trip - I paid much more than that for the train from Krakow to Prague. They use smaller, out-of-the-way airports so you have to pay for ground transport, but it still ends up cheaper than most. In some cities they have their own shuttle, like in Krakow they pick you up at the train station and take you to Katowice Airport about 70 miles away. In Rome (at least when I went) they use Ciampino Airport instead of Da Vinci. There are shuttles to/from the airport to/from Termini station, but they are not run by Wizz Air so you have to make seperate arrangements. You can also take the Rome Metro to Anagnina station and then take a bus to the airport.
Wizz Air is defintely a no frills airline-you pay for any drinks or snacks, but I had a good experience with them. They were inexpensive, efficient and had a friendly staff though some were more fluent in English than others. I don't mind a lttle mime if it saves money!
Hope this helped.