Wizz Air & Budapest

To make a long story short: we had been planning on spending a week in the UK before heading to Berlin, Prague, and Munich, but the UK portion just fell through, so we are replacing it with Brussels and Budapest. A couple of questions:

  1. Wizz Air has some cheap flights from Brussels to Budapest. I've read the so-so reviews on Skytrax, but does anyone have any personal experiences with this airline? Flight cancellation nightmares? Relatedly, the flight would be from Brussels - Charleroi airport; what mode of transportation would you recommend to get there from the city centre?

  2. We are spending two full days in Budapest. Anything you guys would particularly recommend for two twentysomethings to do/see? And also, how is the beer in Hungary? :)

Posted by Mike
Tampa, FL, USA
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I can't comment on Wizz Air, but I can on your second question. The beer is great and cheap! With two days, you will be touring a lot. I'm 28 and my wife and I particularly enjoyed the baths, Fishermans Bastion at sunset, the House of Terror, and Rick Steves' Pest city walk.

The clubs are fun too- I'm not much of a club goer at home, but do enjoy some good beer!

PM for any info on Budapest.

Posted by Anna
Seattle, WA, United States
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Steve -- thanks for the FlyerTalk links, I hadn't thought to check there! The reviews didn't seem so bad to me, and least the reviewers got to their destinations eventually. Just booked the Wizz Air flight, so I guess we'll see how it goes -- at least it was only €40 for the two of us!

Mike -- I'm glad to hear there will be beer aplenty! I'll check all the usual info sources on Budapest and might PM you for suggestions :)

Posted by Kacper
Rolling Meadows, IL, USA
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I can attest to Wizz Air. Despite the odd name, Wizz Air is one hell of a nice airline. I flew it once from Krakow to Milano, and it was perfect. (And you can't beat the price) Basically it's like Europe's Southwest Airlines. You buy a ticket, and everyone picks their seat once they board the plane. You don't get food, but as I recall, you do get water. The flight left on time, arrived on time, and was professional. One annoying thing is the fact that everything from the plane, to the flight attendant uniforms, to the safety briefing card is purple. Other then that it's great! I'm sure sometimes they cancel flights or they're delayed, or other horrors like that, but that can happen with any airline. One thing to keep in mind is that you will be landing in smaller or secondary airports in most cases, and you may have to get a taxi or some other expensive transport into the city center. I would recommend Wizz Air, and if given the chance would fly it again.

Posted by Anna
Seattle, WA, United States
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Just flew with them on Friday, and I have to say, it was a great flight! Quick, smooth, and on time. The seats were more comfy than on my Trans-Atlantic flight! You do have to pay for water though, I paid 2 EUR for a bottle, because I was really dehydrated. Still, it was great quality, especially for 15 EUR, so I highly recommend Wizz Air!

Posted by Joseph
Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
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I recently returned to Vienna and the U.S from Budapest. One difference I noted in the ATMs (bankomats or cash vending machines) in Budapest. The screen language is Hungarian (Magyarul); only when you insert your card does the screen display various flags that denote languages. I assume that Ferihegy Airport will have ATMs; the Keleti (east)rail station does not (or, if it does, they're darn well hidden). Have fun; Budapest's a great city: tree-lined streets, the magnificent Duna (Danube), good food, good wine, wonderful thermal baths, as well as the different personalities of Buda and Pest. And, multi-day metro cards work on bus and tram too!