Withdrawing cash at the Zagreb International Airport.


Since I will be needing cash to pay the cab driver to take me from Zagreb airport to my hotel in downtown, do you recommend getting the initial cash (300 kn) from here in the US or withdraw it at Zagreb airport?

Also, I read that it's best to agree on the price withthe driver. As per Rick Steves' 2007 book, 200kn is the correct price for the ride from the airport to downtown. But Lonely Planet says it should be 300kn. Do you have any advice based on your experiences?


Posted by Arnold
Denver, CO, USA
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Most folks will tell you to withdraw it from an ATM at the airport. Can't tell you what the going rate is for the ride into town - maybe checkout the 2009 version of Ricks book from the local library or check out the thorntree (LP online forum) or tripadvisor to determine the going rate.

Posted by Rick
Chicago, IL, USA
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If you have a reservation at a hotel already, try emailing your hotel. They should have a pretty good idea of the going rate.

Posted by Angela
Chicago/Rural WI
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I'd like to underscore the importance of getting an approximate (or firm) rate with the driver before getting into the taxi. And if the first rate quoted comes in higher than expected, don't hesitate to ask another driver for comparison.

This way there will be no surprises at your destination!

Posted by Audrey
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hi Dukkar, don't know if you've already done your trip to Zagreb. This summer my friends and I were there (we arrived on separate days) and paid between 200 to 220 kuna.