Winters in Greece?

My husband and I are looking for a place to spend Jan, Feb, and March. I was wondering what the winters were like temperature wise in Greece for these months? Thanks, Robin

Posted by Joan
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Can't say what the winter will be like when you want to be there, but when we lived in Athens, the only month that the rose tress (yes, trees) did not bloom was January. It snowed once in January, thick, wet and brief. Lots of folks drove up into the mountains, piled snow on the tops of their cars and drove around the streets honking and shouting,

Posted by melissa
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Just had a 16 night cruise from Barcelona to Athens and a lady from the Netherlands spends her cold months in Rhodes. She said it was the warmest of the Greek Islands.

Posted by Douglas
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The weather will be pretty mild (relatively speaking) in most of Greece. But most of the tourist areas, like the islands, pretty much shut down during this time. Restaurants and shops are closed, hotels close and the people that work there take their vacations and well deserved time off. You may still find a few places open, and larger cities and islands will still function, but temper your expectations.