Will you be in Prague between September 25-29?

I will - and I am hoping to gather a small group of people (3-6) to hire a tour guide together. I am probably traveling solo (my husband may join, but it will be a last minute call) and prefer to share the expense of a tour guide with others, than pay for it all on my own. I am probably most interested in an overview type tour and a more specialized tour, preferably a half day for each, but I'm flexible.

If you/your group is interested, please let me know!

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Hamlet- I will be in Prague from 9/26-10/2. I am traveling alone [wife can't go:(]. I would love to join a group and hire a guide. I am pretty sure I am booking a hostel today for my stay in Prague.

My email address is b4oawe8@comcast.net

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