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Will be on Mykonos for 10 days in June!

What are some of the highlights of the island, the beaches, and the night life? What other islands would be good to see, using the ferry, and what about ferry costs?

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I spent a week in Myknonos , years ago, loved it, it is a party island at night, BUT we found many quiet beaches during day to recover at.. LOL,
We literally would just walk to the square where the buses all come and go on any bus that said beach,, went to quite a few, can't even remember favorites.
With ten days you could definately check out another island, we split over to Paros for 7 days, but Paros was ( at that time) alot quieter, so when I return I would do Naxos or Santorini. Santorini looks great but I remember at the time that the ferry from Myknonos was not direct and it would have taken alot of time so we opted for Paros, with only 10 days ( we had 14) I would consider Naxos instead, haven't been there, but it sounds alot like Myknonos was 25 years ago, fun , but not crazy busy or expenisive yet.
Ferries are not expensive, but they are also not that fun or fast. Bring your own snacks, and soon as you board find a good spot, we spent HOURS in a little corridor outside,

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Mykonos is touristy and at times crowded and probably expensive, but we really enjoyed the island and would go back in a minute. Mykonos town is great for wandering, OK shopping, Good food, fantastic ambiance and quaint streets. To me, the highlight are the beaches. There are 4 or so main beaches to the south, my favorite is Paradise Beach. Alot of this is dependent on your tastes or age (chronological or mental). Paradise beach has two great beach clubs, always competing, great beach and water, and the most diverse group of people around for people watching. You will see most wearing swimsuits, a significant portion of the women topless, and a dedicated group of nudists interspersed. Both the beach and town center discos gear up at sunset and go until daylight, so if you value sleep, get someplace on the town edge. As for islands, Delos of course, then Tinos, Paros, and maybe Naxos are good day trips.