will a taxi drive us from bratislava to hungary?

or do taxis not go into other countries? is there an extra charge maybe?

Posted by carl
dallas, tx, usa
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The distance is only 179 km or 111 miles. Why consider a taxi when you can take the fast and efficient train for half the cost of a taxi. Trains are comfortable and more restful than a taxi will be.

The driver will certainly charge extra because he has to return. And besides, he will consider you a rich American and may sock it to you and you wont know it.

Posted by Olivia
Margate, FL, USA
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in rick steves' book, he makes mention of a chauffeur that picks up and takes interested parties from and to austria, czech rep, slovakia, hungary. i don't have my rick steves' book right now, so i can't tell you his email address.

2 years ago, we made use of him, (mike, i think his name was). we made arrangements thru email. he picked us up in vienna and took us to prague. price was just for 1-way. a few days later, he picked us up in prague, took us back to vienna via cesky krumlov, where we stayed for 5 hours. he waited for us. price again was just for 1-way. try him. he's very reliable and nice.