Wieliczka Salt Mine

Okay, from the guidebooks and internet sites, I've got mixed reviews on the Salt Mine. Has anyone been there? Is it interesting and worth the time, or is it just another tourist trap?

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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I went to the Salt Mines last summer and loved it. It's not everyday you get to visit a cathedral a mile underground made of salt:) Its a unique one of a kind attraction, and IMO shouldn't be missed. Just don't visit it as part of an organized bus tour. It's more efficient to simply take a taxi from Krakow, and less aggravation. The mines are very close to the city center, and there is an expressway that connects the city center directly to the mines.

Posted by Rick
Chicago, IL, USA
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I fully agree with Michael. Don't miss it. And definitely bring your camera.

Posted by Paul n Sara
Newburyport, MA
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We visted the Mine in 2006. It is a worthwhile sight and some of the work done there is almost unbelievable.
Whether it is worth YOUR time depends on how much you are interested in craftmanship and the unusual.

Posted by keith
covington, ga
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it's a must do. Don't take a organized tour. Take a mini bus from the bus station. Might call ahead to see what time is less crowded and what times are the english speaking tours.

Posted by Cheryl
Nutley, New Jersey, USA
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We(my husband, two daughters,16 and 19 and I) visited the Salt mine and were quite in awe of the work that had been done. Plus, we enjoyed all the paths through the mine. It is touristy, but so what-we loved it! We took the mini-bus from Krakow which was quite easy to do, cheap, and we were with the locals which was fun!!! If you go to the tourist info in the main square in Krakow, they will give you English directions on a piece of paper with the departure location (close to the square) and the times. The TI people are very helpful.

Posted by Bill
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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Thanks to all you very nice people for your responses; as a result, we are planning to take the tour when we get to Krakow, on or about the 7th of May. I'll post a comment here after we go, letting you know how it went.

I do appreciate your comments!