Wi Fi availability in Turkey

I'm going on the RS Villages tour and am wondering whether to take my notebook. I don't want to carry any surplus weight (other than what's already parked around my middle) but would like to be able to email home. Anyone know if wi fi is available once you leave Istanbul?

Posted by Sharon
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Maggie, I'm not sure about everywhere, but I know we had Wi Fi in Goreme - we sat in an outdoor cafe and used our notebook computer. We even had Wi Fi on our bus traveling between Selcuk and Antalya.

Posted by Rob
Dunwoody, Georgia
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Turkey is quite wired for cell phone and internet use. I agree with Sharon - you're likely to find it in just about any tourist area or larger town that you visit. Have fun.

Posted by Paul
Sioux Falls, SD, USA
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We went to SE Europe (Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia), and took 1 laptop. I did go to internet cafes and checked mail. More importantly, we downloaded our cameras to the computer, since we took too many pictures to keep on the camera. For that reason alone taking a laptop makes sense. Also you can save the emails from the places you are staying, and sometimes this can help you get in contact with people.