Which Eastern Europe Tour?

Hi travel buddies,
We are already starting to dream about our next Europe trip which will be in 2014 hopefully. We have narrowed it down to eastern Europe but are having a really hard time deciding between Best of Eastern Europe tour and Best of Adriatic tour. Both are equally appealing. Any advice/opinions out there for us to consider? Also, what time of year do you recommend? We usually like Sept./Oct., would the weather be fair and not too hot that time of year? Thanks in advance for any input.

Posted by James
Frisco, NV
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I've been to the locations in the Eastern Europe tour and they make a great trip. You wouldnt be disapointed (i dont think) but the two tours are night and day in their diversity. Read up on the locations in each tour and choose based upon your personal preference and interests. Both tours travel pretty developed areas that arent going to change much if you do one tour in 2014 and one in 2016. On the otherhand the Bulgaria tour is one that i would recommend everyone consider before too make changes take place in that wonderful country.

Posted by Ilja
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I would say if you never have been to Eastern Europe, do the Best of Eastern Europe Tour. I already visited Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest therefore I am going for the Best of Adriatic Tour even I already visited Ljubljana and Rovinj many years ago when it was still Yugoslavia. September should be OK if you are not very unlucky.

Posted by Jaye
Dallas, OR, USA
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James and Ilja Thanks for taking time to reply, I really appreciate it! Another option I thought of would be to visit Prague and Budapest on our own and then go on the RS Best of the Adriatic tour. We always try to take one RS tour and then do time before and/or after on our own. Maybe even do Berlin, Prague, Budapest and then the Adriatic tour - or vice versa depending on airline schedules. So many choices!! :0) Happy Travels!