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Where to stay in Myconos & Santorini

Hi - looking for location advice for lodging (preferably on a budget). Which is the best area in Myconos and Santorini to stay in? We are looking to be close to nightlife and a decent beacdh (if both are possible with the same location). Any advice would be much appreciated.

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When are you going?? And, are you young and poor, LOL
Years( when I was young, poor and not too picky) ago we( friend and I ) went in Sept, we just got off the boat in Mykonos and there were alot of people there sayings " rooms rooms" some holding photo albums even, LOL . We went with one guy, took us to a very nice place, cheap too, but it was too far from town,, so we then just walked into town and looked around, found another place just as cheap, but had a share bathroom. Clean anyways and right in center of town.
Did same in Paros, only this time when we got off boat we knew to ask about locations more..

I don't know if they still do this, or if it was because it was after the summer crush so more rooms were available,, but it was fun and we never hit a dive.

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If you want a hotel close to the beach on Santorini - stay by the Kamari beach.
Don't stay in Thira, Oia or other towns on the west side (cliff side). The area around Kamari beach is also MUCH cheaper than the cliff side of the island. However, the beaches in Santorini are nothing to write home about and the awesome nightlife is in Thira. So, if I were you I would stay on the cliff side in Imergovigli, Thira or Oia and enjoy the most romantic views in the world and be close to restaurants, shops, etc.. do the beach thing in Mykonos.

Mykonos - LOTS of hotels near the beach in any price range. Although, we haven't been to Mykonos for a few years and have heard it's hard to get anything decent for under $150. This is one of the touristy islands in Greece, along with Santorini, Corfu, and Rhodes.

Hope this helps!
Have fun what ever you decide. Greece is wonderful!
Cheers from "thawing out" Chicago

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Thank you both! We are going at the end of May. Plan to stay in Fira in Santorini and somewhere close to the nightlife in Myconos

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If you opt to stay in Oia at all, check out Volcanos Villas. They were more than 1/2 the price of other similar places and it was my favorite hotel of the entire vacation! (Greece/Turkey June 07)