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Where to stay in Athens

I will be making my first trip to Greece this summer and was wondering if there are any nice safe hotels in Athens near acropolis? I'm staying for to nights in Athens with another person. We are comeing from one of the islands and tring to figure out transportion as well. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Erin You'll probably want to stay in, or near, Plaka which is the main tourist area under the Acropolis. It makes sense to be close to Monastiraki metro station. The station is twenty minutes from Piraeus, where most ferries come in, and forty minutes to the airport. Different people have different priorities, but a couple of possibilities just outside the Plaka are the Attalos and the Tempi Have a great trip. Alan

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There are 2 areas near the Acropolis safe for tourists: the Plaka district on the northeast side of the Acropolis where the Attalos, Tempi, Plaka, Metropolis and Amazon hotels are located near the Monastiraki Metro Station, and the southeast side near the Akropoli Metro Station where you'll find the Airotel Parthenon Hotel, Athens Backpackers, Acropolis Hotel, and Acropolis Hill Hotel are located. There are others in both areas but these will get you started. You can use's filter system to look for more in your price range. If you're coming back to Athens by ferry the Monastiraki Metro Station is just a 20 minute ride from the Piraeus (ferry port) station on the Green Line train. If you're flying back from an island you can take the Blue Line Metro from the airport straight into Athens to the Monastiraki Station or get off at the Syntagma station and transfer to the Red Line to the Akropoli Station. It's only one stop from Syntagma and the Metro has an automatic announcement in English as well as a digital signboard telling you which station you're approaching.

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Hi Erin, We just booked rooms in the O&B Boutique Hotel in the Plaka area. It rates high on Tripadvisor and we were able to get good discounts for advanced reservations. Hopefully we'll love it.

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The Plaka area is a great place to stay-lots of restaurants, shopping, etc and walkable to other areas. We enjoyed our stay at Hotel Plaka which has a roof top terrace with excellent view of the Acropolis. They include a very nice breakfast and have snacks available all day-including iced cucumber water. Wonderful staff. Nice rooms and it does have an elevator.

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Erin it always helps us to give you the best & most pertinent advice if you'll supply a few more facts such as (1) what DAY/DATE are you coming back from the islands (if it's around the big Aug 15 holiday, it makes a difference!), (2)on that date, what island are you coming from? and do you plan to ferry or fly? and (3)importantly, what's your hoped-for room rate, in Euros? Such info helps us zero in on something that's right for you, instead of trying to guess ...

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We stayed at the Acropolis Select Hotel. It is close to a subway stop and within walking distance of the Acropolis and Plaka areas. We really liked it and fit all our needs.

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Hi, My wife and I got GREAT rates at the Athens Central Square Hotel, under 50 Euros. The room was very clean with just the nicest shower design. The room comes with a breakfast buffet that will satisfy anyone's preferences. Very extensive and served in a room that looks as though it were built yesterday to Swedish design. Actually, the whole hotel was in excellent condition. Location is a few minutes away from Monasteraki Metro station. We actually exited the station onto Athenas St, turned left and walked directly to the hotel. Now some people have said that the area gets increasingly "seedy" as you head north toward the hotel. We found nothing seedy about it. The central vegetable market is across the street from the hotel's front door. the main street is filled with shops and venders. What the area lacks is shoulder to shoulder tourists blocking your progress. Great value for us. Also, have you considered airbnb?
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