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What's the cheapest transportation to go Greece from Barcelona?

Hi all, Am a student. Me and few friends planning to go santorini on june 11 this year. Do you guys know whats the cheapest way to get to santorini from Barcelona? I checked few airlines but the flight tix cost me around 200++. What option do i have? I dont mind travel by train.

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To find all the flight options, use To find train schedules, you can use But it will take several days, and I doubt it will cheaper. There are no more international trains to Greece, so you'll have to take a train from Barcelona to Italy (Bari or Brindisi), then a boat from Italy to Piraeus (the port of Athens), then another boat to Santorini. If you're already in Barcelona, why not go somewhere closer, like Ibiza?

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Flying will be much cheaper (and a lot faster!) in the long run since taking the train will mean some time in Italy: food, hotels, etc., plus an expensive ferry ride to Greece. When I was in Barcelona I found a discount travel agency on La Rambla upstairs in a corner building where I got a really cheap last-minute flight including the transfer flight to Santorini from Athens. 200++ sounds like a great price to me when you consider it includes the flight from Athens to Santorini, but you can see if there is a Spanish discount airline similar to EasyJet that might have something cheaper.