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weather in October in Prague, Vienna & Budapest

We will be in Prague, Vienna and Budapest in mid-October. What should we bring for a coat? will it be cold, rainy, windy? Any advise for packing light but ready for any temperature in October? Thanks! Kelly

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Hope for the best but plan for the worst. October in this area has a few nice, chilly days, but wind and clouds will be your steady companions. I'd prepare to dress in layers - a windbreaker is very light, sweaters are appropriate anywhere, and a waterproof jacket or light parka will get you through most anything (wear it on the plane to save luggage space). Sturdy shoes, too - you may get wet.
Budapest generally is warmer and more settled than the other capitals, but the onset of cold weather leads to heavy fog in the Plain. Yet the Buda Hills and Bakony Forest invite with their play of foliage colors!

You may want to consider buying local gear - the KIK stores have discounted clothing, but if you want to spring for about E80-100, you can get a fine Loden jacket on sale that will keep you warm through wind and early snow.

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We were in Prague in October 2007, and it was absolutely wonderful! The weather was perfect - cool, crisp of the morning. Then it warmed up to "just a fleece" during the day. The skies were blue and the leaves were vibrantly colored.

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I was in Prague last mid-October and it was wonderful weather. I was mostly fine in my windbreaker. Only one day did I want something heavier and I bought a fleece Prague zip-up jacket (which I still love and wear - I love shopping in other countries too though!). I usually just wore a long sleeve t-shirt with another t-shirt on top or a cami with a shirt over top.

P.S. Love your name ;)

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Go to RS Tours for 2009 - click on Eastern Europe - Select any tour - click on Weather in Europe along right hand margin - scroll down to the cities you are interested in -

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Barry says to bring an umbrella. I would add a light-weight wind breaker. It could rain or it could turn cold....there is no way to predict. I have been to all three cities in the Fall. Various weather.
Expect the best but plan for the worst.

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I'd bring more than just a light windbreaker. Definitely bring an umbrella; the rain has resumed. Prague right now is 47 degrees, but it feels cooler. It will surely be colder a month from now too. One can never predict weather, but last October it snowed here in Prague.

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I visit Czech Rep quite a bit with my Czech national husband & fully agree with Patton, who actually lives there and knows what he is talking about. The weather often changes by the hour so layering is a must. I've been there in Oct when it was a clear 55 degrees and when it snowed. In fact, it just so happens we will be there Sept 30 - Oct 15th, side tripping for 5 days to Venice and Vienna. Expect Vienna to be a few degrees warmer than Prague. I plan to take my wool peacoat, button down shirts, and pullover sweaters, plus fleece hat, scarf, fleece lined leather gloves & travel umbrella.