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Warsaw to Krakow by Train

With the Soccer Games being played in Warsaw, I have heard the train schedules are more numerous now. I will need to go from Warsaw to Krakow sometime in the morning, end of May.
Can someone read the train schedules ?

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If you go to the Polrail booking system You can put in your date and trip and get the schedule as well as the cost. It is in English. I bought tickets from them recently and it was quite straightforward and the ticket was sent to my home.

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You can also check Deutsche Bahn website. You can get there easily from this Helpline website by clicking on Favorite Links. I found these morning departures from Warsaw: 6:50, 7:35, 8:20, 9:25, 10:19. It takes 3 hours plus minus. Some of them don't go every day. I checked May 29.

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We used Polrail last year for the exact same trip and everything worked exactly as advertised. We had no problems whatsoever.

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I will add this: the one experience I had on Polish trains was riding from Krakow to Czestochowa. The stops were not announced and there were not always clear signs posted at each train station (so you knew where you were). Finally, at a certain point, as it was getting close to the time I was supposed to arrive (because their trains basically run on schedule), I stood out in the area by the exit door and, in my best American tourist voice (and gesturing) said, "Czestochowa???" as we approached a stop. The woman replied in the affirmative, so I knew that I had arrived at my stop. Maybe the trains that you are on will make station announcements and so forth, but it can't hurt to make good notes concerning the train itinerary and how many stops it is supposed to make before it arrives at yours -- in case you have a similar experience like mine.