Visiting Bucharesti Romania

I am not a world traveler but intend to become one. I have traveled extensively around the US on my Goldwing, but now I am ready to pay attention to Europe: sans motorcycle of course. I was lucky enough to make acquaintance with a native of Bucharest this last year and I am interesting on paying a visit. What are some of the cost saving hints that some may share, from booking airline tickets to finding a nice but inexpensive lodging in the city. I plan to stay a week. Also when is the best time to visit; I am on a budget as I am a working man so any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by James E.
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That would be a lot of time in Bucharest which I guess is okay if she is pretty. Romania on the other hand is a wonderful country and one that you could spend several weeks in without getting bored. Bucharest is a 3 day trip if you have a great guide and really dig deep. As for cost savings, well, you are in Romania; what more do you need? There are few places where tourism is so economical. I wouldn't go too far down the ladder on the housing issue. I would stay as upscale as you can afford. For ticket savings go to Orbitz or similar and try as many configurations as you can imagine. Put in different arrival and departure dates and days of the week until you hit on something you think works best for you. Then see what airline it is and go directly to that airline's website and see if you can get the same deal. If you can (and you almost always can) book it with the airline. Remember if you book a ticket with different airlines that do not code share you could end up left holding the bag if you miss a flight. You will probably have to change once in the US and once in Europe before you get to Bucharest. Since this is sort of new to you I wouldn't book any flight with less than a 2.5 hour layover. Not much, but maybe it helps a little.

Posted by David
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bucharesti doesn't need a week. you may want to research Transylvania or other region and see a couple of small towns also. the old town center of bucharesti is about half day, and if you enjoy late night it's a great place to get drinks. i found the metro lines are pretty easy to navigate, so you don't really need to stay in the central area. taxi is not expensive and everywhere. i was there last April, still a little cold.

Posted by Sarah
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I think two nights in Bucharest is really pushing it, outside of the fairly small old city, it is not particularly attractive or walking-friendly. There are a few good museums that could MAYBE justify 3 nights, but I'd be really ready to get the hell out of Bucharest at that point. Transylvania is beautiful. Everywhere in the country will seem dead cheap, some touristy areas are "high for Romania" which is still cheap for Europe. But if you really want to save money, you could try couchsurfing, I had great hosts in Romania and there were many others. Romanian hospitality is great. The summers are supposed to be quite hot. We were there in early October and it was still in the low 80s during the day. I would consider spring or fall to avoid a heatwave. Keep your wits about you in Bucharest, wear a moneybelt (I normallly don't give that advice, btw), negotiate with taxis up front if you can or learn the public transit system in advance.

Posted by Fred
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Hi, Going to Romania does not mean exclusively Bucharest. I would recommend, as suggested, more of the towns in Transylvania (Siebenbürgen) for their historical value, such as Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Brasov (Kronstadt), Sighisoara (Schäßburg).

Posted by Angela
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You shouldn't have to change planes in the US. There are several airlines that fly direct from SeaTac to Europe, and with a single plane change you can get to Bucharest. For example, you can fly direct to Amsterdam on KLM/Delta and make a change to the flight to Bucharest. British Airways and Lufthansa also fly direct to Europe (London and Frankfurt.) It's also worth checking fares out of Vancouver. is a good place to search for flight deals. Summer will be most expensive. Many people prefer "shoulder season" such as April or October to travel as a nice compromise between good weather and good prices.

Posted by James E.
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i forget some folks live in regional hubs. i have to go to Dallas or Houston and change to get most anyplace.