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VISA for Turkey

My family and I are taking a cruise to Turkey. I understand that we need a VISA, but you can obtain one upon arrival. Is that correct? Is it recommended that we obtain the VISA's over here prior to departure? Thanks.

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You can obtain one when arriving at the airports and land borders so I assume that you can obtain it at the port too (assuming US passports). However, you would do well to confirm with the embassy in DC.

I believe I read elsewhere that it is actually difficult to get a visa through the embassy since it is so easy to get it on arrival.

Do a search for other recent threads on visas to Turkey.

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Based on my research for a trip, any point of entry will also issue the Visa. Depending on how large the point of entry is, it may be a separate window/office or just the passport control window. It is advised that you have the fee (at that time $20 US) in cash, in US funds or some equivalent in Euros, no credit or even Turkish currency. Trying to obtain beforehand would require the use of a private agency that would charge you much more for really no added value.

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I believe a Visa is only required if you plan to stay overnight. If on a cruise ship for the day, all we had to show was the ship's ID card. It is also understanding is that it has to be paid in US dollars .

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We went to Turkey on a Celebrity cruise last May, and we did not need a visa upon arrival because the cruise ship handled this. In fact, we had to physically turn in our passports on board when we landed in Istanbul because we were staying overnight. You can contact your cruise line just to be sure. I did too, and was told not to worry.

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We traveled Sept 07 from Samos Greece to Kusadasi Turkey by Ferry and had to pay $20 each at the port before going in line through customs official, and you need exact change. The process is very easy. But I have a feeling like other posters, that you if you are day tripper from Greece or Cruise there is another process. There is no need to get VISA in the States before you go most travelers get it upon entering.