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Vienna vs. going further south in Croatia?

I'm planning a trip for end of May '09. Deciding between doing Vienna or going further south in Croatia to Split & Dubrovnik, etc. So far doing Venice, Slovenia (Bled, Ljublijana) , & Postvice & Rovinj. For those of you who have done both, would you choose Vienna or further south?

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Just returmed from Slovenia and Croatia and it was wonderful. We covered Lake Bled, ALps, Rovinj, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Hvar & Dubrovnik.

Vienna is great also and I can't wait to return.

Just depends what your current mood is. Vienna is a world class big city that dserves attention.

Slovenia and Croatia are great for natural wonders and small old towns that are like the hill and coastal towns of Italy 10 to 20 years ago.

Slovenia and Croatia are much much cheaper overall.

I have pictures of Vienna posted at my blog and I'll be posting all the details of our Slovenia and Croatia trip soon, but I'm going on travel again tomorrow and it might take a week or so. I have some raw pictures posted at snapfish now so email me with your address if you wish to see those.

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Dubrovnik is a great city. Split is just average, but is a great way to see the islands. You could do Split in a day. I would take a look at the islands and Dubrovnik. The islands I visited were Vis and Brac. Many people go to Hvar.

I have never been to Vienna.

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While I enjoy cities, I personally am more of a country person who enjoys nature and wide-open spaces. When I travel, I try to do a mixture of both so that I don't feel too claustrophobic from being in a city :)

I think a lovely trip would be to spend a few days in Vienna and then head south to Slovenia and Croatia. I was just in Slovenia and Croatia 3 weeks ago and I love both countries. They are very beautiful and easy to travel in - and affordable relative to Vienna!

I spent 3 days in Rovinj - very relaxing. From Vienna/Bratislava it is approximately 7 hour drive to Rovinj.

Another alternative, is to spend a few days in Vienna then fly to Dubrovnik. A cheap flight might be found on Sky Europe ( from either Vienna or Bratislava. In fact, SkyEurope is having a sale which ends on Nov 2 for flights in 2009.

Have fun!