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Update on metro from Athens airport

I must apologise for misleading people about the closure of the Athens airport metro link over the summer. A wiser head than mine - DeTraci Regula of the About site on Greece, - now tells me that, to quote:

"Several STATIONS will be closed - ie, the train won't stop there. but the LINE will continue to operate all the way from the airport to the city center and vice versa. I read the initial articles on this very carefully and then contacted the operators directly because it did sound as if it could be taken to mean a complete closure,and that didn't feel right to me.

Now, in reality, I would not be surprised at all if there are indeed occasional full closures during this period - but it will not be closed for the entire period. Also, they will be providing some sort of bus service to the open stations during the station closures."

Apologies again for the initial misleading info.


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Ok I just wanted to clarify that the metro from the airport will be open.

I will be traveling to Athens in the middle of May and I need to get from the Athens airport to Athens backpackers which is at the acropoli metro stop, to get there I have to transfer at Synatgma square, will I be able to do this?

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My understanding is that you will be OK, unless you're very unlucky. While some stations may close I can't imagine Syntagma will be one of them and, from what DeTraci says, any disruption of the whole line will be only very occasional if at all.