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Unwed Couples Rooming Together in Eastern Europe

My boyfriend and I are going to Romania, Hungary and the Czech Rep. in Feb. I was thinking it might be a good idea to get "wedding" rings to avoid any hassles about booking rooms in the more conservative regions. Unnecessary or a good idea?

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Don't think they will care at all, I would be more concerned if you were travelling to places like Turkey or Egypt, not eastern europe ( which are fairly secular)

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That rule doens't exist anymore in Eastern European countries.
Wedding bands would have not worked anyway because the hotels used to ask for a marriage licence or same name on passports, not wedding bands. Tha trick never worked well, since anyone could get wed bands.
In Turkey it has never been a problem. I was in Turkey in 89 with my boyfriend and didn't have any problems in this regard.

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That would be totally unnecessary (and quite ridiculous).

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It isn't a problem. Don't worry about it. Have fun!