Type of money in Prague

Visiting Prague in fall and am wondering about Koruna vs. Euro. Most cafes, tourist sites, etc. seem to use the Koruna, but our hotel advertises rates by the Euro. Have never been places that require two types of currency. Will Euro places also accept Koruna? Seems to be a better exchange rate in Dollars vs. Koruna than vs. Euro. I know the Euro hasn't become their official currency yet. Thanks in advance for advice.

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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All places in the Czech Republic use the Koruna. That's what you should use in that country. Don't use Euros unless you are in a country that belongs to the European Union and designates the Euro as its official currency. There is an old Central Asian quote I have to paraphrase: When traveling always observe the customs of the village you stay in.

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Always pay in the local currency. Hotels advertise in Euros to appeal to tourists and to get higher rates - in general, stay away from things that specifically appeal to tourists (like tourist menus) unless you want to pay the higher tourist price. With hotels that may be more difficult than meals.

Posted by CL
Salem, Oregon, USA
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The hotel may advertise in Euro, but you should be able to pay in Koruna - if you book with them directly, ask for prices in Koruna and tell them you will pay that way. You won't get a good deal anywhere in Prague using the Euro - if they accept them, you will pay much more.

Posted by Paul
New Berlin, WI, USA
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Thanks to all for the $$ advice when in CR. The koruna sounds better to use when in Prague. Happy Trails

Posted by Debabrata
Mumbai, India
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All hotels / establishments will accept the local currency - so would advise you to go with it.