Turkish Lira

I have read that Canadian are having problem getting money from ATM in banks in Turkey. Should I try to get lira in Canada?
Carry Euro and try to buy Turkish Liras when I get to istanbul? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Janet

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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I don't see how that can be, since debit cards are both global and standard (meaning they have a cirrus or other sign on them, implying they can be used at any ATM machine in the world). Please explain what you mean by "having problems" - granted I have a US-issued ATM card, I never had problems accessing money in Turkey (in Istanbul and elsewhere). Also, I doubt you could get Lira in a Canadian bank and Euros aren't helpful (unless you want to get ripped off on the exchange rate). Without knowing what the source of your claim is, I would say ignore it and use your ATM card once you get there. I used mine the first time right in Ataturk Airport on each of 2 trips.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Looks like a serious problem even for US tourists. Basically says that the Turkish ATM is timeout before the transaction can be complete and the money dispensed. Wonder if you would have better luck by going directly to a bank? A good head ups. I might be tempted to try for a small amount first to see if the ATM is responding. If so, then a larger sum.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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This warning story was there on the Turkey Travel Planner website when I went to Turkey in October 2011. I had no trouble with ATM's there, and forgot about having read the warning until your post. I know that doesn't "prove" anything, except that one person's ATM problems (as reported in the story) are not universal. My guess is that, while it can happen, if it were common, there'd be more than the one report (now old) about it. Note that the story focuses on Cappadocia, and at the bottom of the page, it says "We did not encounter this problem at any of the Mediterranean or Aegean towns we visited."

Posted by janet
calgary, alberta, canada
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Hello, Thanks for the suggestions. All were helpful. I will go to Istanbul and enjoy every moment.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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"I will go to Istanbul and enjoy every moment." I know I did! Have a great trip!

Posted by Dina
Fontainebleau, France
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Just spent a week in Turkey last week. My second trip this year. No problem using my US-based card. Just be careful as all the ATMs I used offered the option to put the transaction through in a different currency. Turkish Lira isn't the default. Another thing - inflation seems to be high. I am surprised at how expensive museum admissions and transportation costs are getting. Turkey is not the bargain it once was.

Posted by wayner
stevens point, wi, usa
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Not Canadian so maybe of no use. Just back from Istanbul. US debit cards worked fine. Never a glitch. wayne iNWI