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Turkish coffee

I was reading the RS book on Istanbul written by Lale and Tankut Aran and they described in detail how the turkish coffee is made. Since I do not like strong coffee like in France or grounds in my coffee, does the hotel s breakfast have american coffee if you desire. I do bring my own water warmer and coffee as I like a cup as soon as I wake up however I like coffee at breakfast.

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Part of the reason to travel is to experience new things. I'd contact your hotel and inquire how they prepare their coffee to see if it meets your needs. I understand Nescafe Taster's Choice instant comes in single cup packets. There are Starbucks in Istanbul. None in Old Town though.

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This reminds of the posting last year from the Paris travelers who's strong recommendation was to bring a jar of instant coffee so that you could get a good cup of American coffee each morning. All a matter of taste and habit. Careful what you drink as it may have a bad effect. In 91 we were in Italy for the first time. Prior to that we have been strictly Folger's ground coffee. When we returned we threw out the Folger's, bought whole beans, a grinder and an expresso machine and haven't looked back. The single, greatest impact that travel has had on us.

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In a cafe, just ask for a "nescafe" to get what you want. If you don't like French coffee, Turkish (or Greek!) coffee will give you apoplexy! Roger

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In our hotel there was regular coffee, lattes, capuccino, and there are plenty of coffee shops that serve all, and I never had to resort to the dreaded Nescafe! (check with your hotel)

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This is something like somebody who says: "I can't stomach REAL beer, so I always go for Bud"