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Turkey safety

I heard about a bombing in Istanbul this week. Is anyone hesitant about traveling to Turkey? We plan to travel in June but are having second thoughts.

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Bombing has increased in the past years in Turkey, in a few cities, niot just Istambul.
It's hard to advise you. As far as I know, those bombs were put in location where gov officials were , or were supposed to be.
My theory is that bombs can pop anywhere.

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Turkey is a spectacular country full of warm, wonderful people (except the ones with bombs, obviously). My husband and I were there in November when there were a number of political concerns and threats at that time. We would not would not hesitate to return. In fact, we are saving and planning for our next trip as I write. Unfortunately, even our small home town in North Carolina can be a dangerous place where innocent people can get caught in the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad or gang activity. Close your eyes and jump in with both feet. Have a great time!

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This topic has been covered quite a few times on this board and I would advise you to check the earlier answers, they still apply. Do not hesitate to travel to Turkey. Go and have a great time. I live in a "safe" community in NW Washington, but if you read the crime stories and incidents of violence in the local paper you would hesitate to travel here. Where is anywhere that has no risk? Life lies beyond the comfort zone. I have made 3 trips to Turkey in the last 3 years (including this Fall)and had a great time--and so will you. I traveled solo without intinerary and put myself at the mercy of the local people and whatever situation may unfold. Again and again I was treated with kindness and brought home memories and pictures to last a lifetime. Don't let fear keep you from living your dreams.

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