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Turkey in October - December?

We want to go to Turkey in the fall and have time available in October - December. Two questions: would November and December be too cold, and is it true that many hotels and attractions close down after October?

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I was in Turkey the last two weeks of October last year. To me the weather was perfect. Central Turkey was on the chilly side but Istanbul, coastal Turkey and the Mediterranean were warm days and coolish (light jacket) evenings. The Med was great for swimming - not cold at all. I imagine November and December would be cold. I don't know about the hotels - I had no problem in October.

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It DEPENDS WHAT PART OF Turkey you want to visit, I go to Turkey every year. lately, like many other places in the world the weather has become very unpredictable.However, you be fine for the first 2 weeks of October, although you might get some windy weather

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I agree with the other posters. October will be best. The longer you delay the greater chances of cold weather. You won't be bothered with crowds that late in the year. And by December some places will be closed.

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I was there in October for 4 weeks. GREAT, mild weather almost every single day. I have a photo report at of the time there. You'll see that the weather was pretty nice. Was able to walk around in short sleeves much of the time.

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