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trustworthy midnight transportation from Airport to Hotel- Krakow

I'm a bit nervous about this - and so is my pocketbook. The rates I've been given are pretty pricey. Because of our time of arrival IF our plane is on time (about 11:40 p.m.), I'm concerned for safety (two women, yes, I'm a little paranoid) and cost. Can someone please advise. I've been checking on the hotel sending a driver (which costs more but I might feel better about) or hiring from Krakow airport. Thanks :-{

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When I visited Krakow a few years ago I also arrived via a very late flight. I simply took a taxi at the official taxi stand to the problems-very routine. It was no different than any other taxi I've taken around Europe. Most of the taxis are very new Mercedes, with meters; the driver was very professional. I'm a guy and my experience might be different than two women, but IMO taking a taxi is reasonably safe. The taxis are allowed to charge more late at night, but the airport is very close to the city center, the fare won't be prohibitively expensive.

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The taxis are safe are reliable transportation to your hotel; we also arrived late and had no issues getting to the center of Krakow.

As also noted, the airport is near the city. Personally I am looking forward to spending the weekend of the 21st of May there after I complete my business in Poznan.

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I have taken taxis from airport to market square
Krakow 4-5 times. Prices have been stable except
for an early morning run, 4 am, to catch flight.
I was told there is a higher rate charged between
midnight and 6 am. It was programmed into the meter.