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trip to Ukraine

Hi, I am one of those goofballs(hope not!) that after 3 years on, I "met" a pretty, and seemingly very nice girl from Kharkov, UA. I just applied for my passport, and after getting more detailed info from her since I am suspicious of this dating scam, I plan to fly to Rome for 2 days in early Nov., then to Kharkov. She plans on me staying with her(great if we connect!), but otherwise, she speaks about 3 English words, and I know hi and bye in Russian which is her language. I would appreciate any tips you have for my 10 days there, from currency exchange, to sights, to avoiding crimes and scammers. Thanks much,
Nervous Carl

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I appreciate all the input, but I keep getting new photos with her looking as I request, she/he doesn't have a hairy back or smoke cigars.....I don't think! I even asked for a pic w/o makeup and got that Sat. As for meeting somewhere like Kiev, I agree that is more favorable, but she has to work, at least part time, while I am there. I have 2 more months to interrogate her and I WILL! I will learn a few Russian phrases and call her next week....I bought a 10 cent per minute calling card, so at least I can hear if it's a gangsta's voice, or a hot mama!
Hell, we only go around 1x on this planet, so why not give it a whirl.....and will have my switchblade in my checked baggage in case Igor shows up, I can put up a small fight! LOL

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I agree that you are rolling the dice meeting her in Kharkov. What about meeting her in Kiev? At least that is somewhat of a neutral site. Kiev is a more modern city, more typical of western Europe. But it still has a major Soviet influence. Kharkov is not western at all, most Americans would consider it "backward" or Soviet. Of course all of this assumes that your girlfriend exists and she is not a Russian mobster.