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Trip to Turkey!

I am planning on going to Turkey in late April and I was wondering if anyone could help give me some ideas for an itenerary. I definitley want to see Instanbul and other than that I am not sure where to go. I don`t want to see tons of historical sites, mostly looking for a relaxing vacation. Have about a week and am planning to go to Greek islands afterwards so I was thinking about starting in Instanbul and heading down the coast. Any suggestions would be great thanks!

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It's not on the coast, but you may want to check out Cappadocia- one hour flight from Istanbul and it looks like one of those truly unique places. If you stay over a night they have cave hotels too. I haven't been there yet (going in Oct) but all my research and feedback from others makes it sound like a "must see experience".

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You certainly should go to the port town of Kusadasi so that you can see the nearby ruins of Ephesus.

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Which Greek islands? That will go far to determine your itinerary in Turkey since there are only 5 Turkish ports from which you can enter Greece by ferry. Or were you planning to fly? If so, that presents a completely different set of considerations.

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I am planning on going to the Cyclades islands-Santorini, Mykonos, Paros etc. I heard you can get there from Kusadasi. I have been to Ephaseus so if there is another port closer to INstanbul that will get me to Greece then that would be good as well.

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This is Gokhan from izmir/Turkey
My advises are ;
From Istanbul go to Canakkale and visit Canakkale Bosphours, Gallipoli national(historical)park , Visit Troya & Assos, than Akcay, Bergama *** , Ayvalik/cunda and izmir (3rd biggest and the best city), than Selcuk / Kusadasi (for Ephessus Sirince village and virgin mery house) than you can jump to the greek islands :)
please visit too
do not hesisate to ask any specific question if you
Kolay gelsin :)
happy travel and holiday to you

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Ayvalik is closer to Istanbul, and from there you can take a ferry across to Lesvos. From Lesvos there's a ferry that will take you to Syros,and from Syros you can take a ferry to Mykonos. From Mykonos you can take a ferry to Santorini.

If you go to Kusadasi instead you can take a ferry across to Samos. From Samos there's a ferry to either Naxos or Paros, and from these islands you can reach Mykonos and Santorini. Paros is an easier connection to Mykonos and Santorini by catching the Hellenic Seaways FlyingCAt 4.