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trip from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik

Hi, we are hoping to drive from Hvar through Mostar and on to Sarajevo and then onto Dubrovnik. Has anyone done it and were the roads ok and how long did it take to go from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik? And from Hvar to Mostar?

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I took a train from Sarajevo to Mostar and it took 2.5 hours (in 2011) - it was not a modern train, but there were no obstacles. It shouldn't take you longer than that - I think the drive should be fine and quite pretty (don't get too scared of the "mine" markings, you won't be affected unless you stray wayy off the main road, if then) As far as Hvar goes, are you planning on taking a car ferry back to the mainland (I assume there is one since Hvar is an island)? You'll have to also account for the ferry schedule then, in order to figure out how long it will take you to get to Mostar.

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The roads are good, but curvy and mostly 2 lane, because it's through the mountains. It's a gorgeous drive. I don't know about Hvar to Mostar, but to go from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik would take 5 hours or so. I LOVE Bosnia and herz. It's my favorite country to visit in Europe. I went to the Sarajevo film festival 2 years ago and it was one of my favorite travel experiences. If you have a car you HAVE to go to Kravice Waterfalls outside of Mostar. Just trust me and bring a bathing suit. have a great trip!

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Have traveled in this area by bus and car. The roads are fine, but be prepared for long waits at the border crossings.