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Trip from Athens to Olympia, Delphi, Meteora then back to Athens.

Hello All,

I"m looking to do a trip from Athens to Olypia, Delphi, Meteora and back to Athens. The dates will be May 12-15 of 2014. I have been given a MORE THAN REASONABLE quote by George the Famous Cab Driver Co. The quote is by trip and not per person. If I go solo, it would be out of budget for me. With at least one or two other people we can take a trip that people pay thousands for, but only a fraction of the price. I'm set on using this guy, because he can make our trip more personable, instead of being trapped on a huge bus with a bunch of smelly 75 year-old tourist. I'm 32 years old and get along with just about anybody (I have friends from all religions and all ages.) Please post back if you are interested, I'm for sure going, and I hope to find like-minded companions.


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You might get better luck posting this in the Travel Partners section. This forum section is for questions.

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Not to be contrary, but George is less of a "guy" than a private car service with, depending how you look at it, several Georges, a Few sons, Nephews, Brothers... That speaks nothing to the quality or the value of the service, many on here and other boards give positive reviews, but also have a quote to the effect...George was't available but his ______ did a great job....

Have a great trip. It is a bunch of driving, sort of the whirlwind tour, but you will hit the highlights

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I don't believe that four days is enough time to do all the places you mentioned!

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Thanks all. I will try a different posting board. I know it's a company and not a man. As far as time, it's the same time the big tours take with ALL those confused travelers. I also checked with a tour agent that I know and they said, "Sure, lots of people do it."