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Trieste--What's it like?

Has anyone been to Trieste? My husband and I will be at the end of a month tour with the last 8 days in N Croatia, leaving from Slovenia on Aug 2. He's never been to Italy and wants to spend a day (or whatever) there but I've not heard anything about it. Will it be worth a trip or is there another town/village near by that might be nice? By this time I imagine we'd be ready to just hang out and watch the world go by.

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Not sure where you are leaving out of, so that might dictate schedule. Trieste is pleasant, but not spectacular. I seem to recall alot of German tourists, and the city has been on again/off again as part of Italy through history, so alot of Austrian and Balkan influence. My advice? Research the travel methods from where you will be to Trieste (Time, Cost, Etc) then compare that with the good number of ferry routes from northern Croatia to Venice. If it is about the same, take Venice, that would be Italy to remember.

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Here is a nice hotel in Trieste. We took the train from Venince, stayed one night, then the bus the next morning to Rovinj. A good website, not much English, but we managed well.
Hotel Alabarda

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My family and I spent 4-5 days there in 1994 as a mid-point rest stop between travels to and from Ljubliana, Slovenia and Venice. It is probably worth about 2 days at the most. (We took a train to Trieste and then we rented a car and drove to other cities in Northern Italy.)

The Miramare castle is dramatic in that it sits directly on the sea. The city square is also interesting in that (again) it faces the sea. It has small back streets to stroll and several good restaurants, many specializing in seafood (see a theme here?).

The natural history museum/aquarium is disappointing. The funicular is picturesque.

Trieste feels more Central European than Italian, so you won't get so much of an "Italian feel" there. It was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and feels like other Central Europen cities such as Ljubliana and Prague.

You'll probably have to go farther into Italy to get a more "Italian" exprience. Where else? Venice, Padua, Vicenza, and Verona come to mind. Cheers!