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Traveling to Tbilisi, Gergia as AAM

Hey all, I'm looking to visit a very close friend of mine from college who lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. I plan to go in the spring. He tells me race isn't an issue there. I love the guy but I can't fully accept this as the whole truth. Having grown up in the deep South and being educated, I have trouble accepting that a country with very very few racial minorities having NO issues with race. Has anyone been? Can anyone offer there experience? God willing, I'm going to visit but I'd like to be aware of what I may be getting into.

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I was there last year. I don't think you will have any issues. I sent you a PM. Also, I believe Chani from Israel, is currently in Georgia so you may be able to get her take on things in a couple of weeks.

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I appreciate that. I'll definitely see if she has any words to share. Any other things you've heard about Georgia? Nothing in particular I'm looking for, just whatever. I do hear the wine is tasty and cheap (as well as the food).